Prevention is truly the best medicine, and Back on Track offers some of the best equine prevention products around! We depend on their products to keep our equine athletes sound and comfortable.



We trust Omega 3 Fatty Acids to keep our horses at their optimal health. Anti-inflammatory benefits of olives and a completely plant-derived formula are the icing on the cake for Excel's new Pro Elite product. Order Excel products here!



Together with our horses, we love Diamond Wool Pads! You won't believe their quality and how long they last. Thank you, Diamond Wool, for your support!



We are "riding excitement" with Continental Saddlery! You won't believe the customizable options they offer for horse and rider. Thank you, Continental!



Spalding Labs Fly Predators keep our fly population at the farm under control, both inside the barn and in the pastures. Contact Larry at Spalding Labs for help controlling your flies!

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APF Pro is unequalled in its protection of both the immune system and cellular metabolism. We trust this product to give our top athletes the competitive edge!

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We feed with Nutrena! What goes into our equine athletes is so important, and Nutrena has it covered!